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Welcome to Bijapur Lodge! We’re not just any resort in Rajasthan- we’re the go-to spot for travellers worldwide looking to soak in top-notch hospitality surrounded by nature’s magnificence. Whether you’re craving a tranquil escape in stunning landscapes or seeking heart-pounding adventures in the wild, Bijapur Lodge guarantees a journey that’s anything but ordinary; it is your best place to stay in Jawai, Rajasthan.

At Bijapur Lodge, we don’t just serve you; we pour our hearts into making sure your experience goes above and beyond what you expect. Our amazing team is all about making you feel right at home, mixing that perfect blend of friendliness and top-notch service. Your stay with us is all about those special touches, whether it’s getting personalized help from our concierge or savouring delicious dishes that will make your taste buds dance. Every minute you spend here is filled with nothing but the best hospitality you can imagine.

Leopard Safari Resort in Jawai

At Bijapur Lodge,  you’re in for a wild ride right in the heart of Jawai. Hop on thrilling jeep safaris to catch a glimpse of majestic leopards roaming amid granite rocks, or join birdwatching tours to admire the array of bird species that call this place home. This is a Leopard Safari Resort in Jawai, Rajasthan,  And if you’re a thrill-seeker, get ready for rock climbing, trekking, and cycling expeditions that will leave you buzzing with excitement amid untamed nature.

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